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Children's Monster Cupboard Door Drawer Knobs


Super cute and bright little monster knobs to brighten and personalise children's furniture,

A choice of six colourful characters.  Encourage story telling by using the characters to create stories. These little monsters are friendly and smiley. Why not give each knob a label to encourage putting things in correct places? Socks, Undies, T Shirts, Jumpers etc.  Or simply add your child's name.


Beech knobs with metal inserts, provided with bolts.

Allow a minimum of 5mm to secure the knob onto the bolt and the depth of your surface.  There area number of lengths to choose from.

Please note the the bolts screw into the back of the knob and will sit flush on the inside of your surfaces.

Hand painted and decorated.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

All materials sourced and purchased in the United Kingdom


4cm diameter.

3.5cm high.

2.9cm base.