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Little Monster Door / Drawer / Cupboard Knob


Super cute and bright little monster knobs to brighten and personalise children's furniture, even their bedroom doors!  A choice of six colourful characters.  Encourage story telling by using the characters to create stories. These little monsters are friendly and smiley. Why not give each knob a label to encourage putting things in correct places? Socks, Undies, T Shirts, Jumpers etc.  Or simply add your child's name.

Beech Knobs wit metal inserts.

Finished with high quality enamel.

Water based products, microfilm printed design.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

All materials sourced and purchased in the United Kingdom.

Furniture Knob Dimensions: 

Small:  Diameter 4cm, Base 3cm, Height 3.5cm

Large: Diameter 5.3cm Base 5.3cm, Height 3.5cm